Today’s Cuba under the aegis of Raúl Castro has a booming shadow economy. Anyone who can tries to earn a little extra, sell something or profit from the tourists. Two young men from Baracoa try their luck with female foreigners. Yohan especially is a dreamer who believes his own tactics when he talks about love. His greatest dream, however, is Europe. Laurentia Genske, who spent one year as a guest student in Cuba, follows the arduous daily life of the two who are increasingly coming under pressure: from their mothers, who want proper sons, from the police, who sanction unregistered contact with foreigners, from criminals who want to defend their territory. What looks playful and naive at first turns out to be bitterly serious. Money drives a wedge into every relationship and leaves a bitter taste. Neither the lascivious Salsa rhythms nor the gentle swoosh of the palm fronds can hide this.

- Cornelia Klauß, Dok Leipzig 2015

AFUERA - Documentary Film, Cuba 2015 / 64 min / HD

Direction, Cinematography: Laurentia Genske
Editing: Lara Rodriguez Cruz, Laurentia Genske
Dramaturgical Consultant: Herbert Schwarze
Editing Consultant: Rita Schwarze
Sound Recording, Production Cuba: Alejandro Luis Yero
Sounddesign: Robert Keilbar, Damian Rubiera Hernandez
Soundmix: Robert Keilbar
Colour Correction: Fabiana Cardala
Production Company: Academy of Media Arts Cologne in collaboration with EICTV Cuba



WIFTS International Visionary Award for Diversity, 2015
Mejor documental de CentroAmérica y Caribe, RDOC 2016


Dok Leipzig, 2015
Feria Internacional de Cine de Manizales, 2015
CEME-DOC Mexiko, 2015
up-and-coming Hannover 2015
Eko International Film Festival Nigeria, 2015
Stranger than Fiction Köln, 2016
International Festival Sarajevo “Sarajevo Winter”, 2016
RDOC Dominikanische Republik, 2016
Festival Internacional de Cine por los Derechos Humanos Bogota, 2016
International Documentary Festival Peloponnese-Kalamata, 2016
Festival de Cine de Bogotá, 2016
LATIUM Mexico, 2016