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Feature Film
In 1974, a housing estate consisting of nine high-rises was built in the middle of a field on the southern edge of Cologne. Its silhouette, seen from a distance and in the right light, resembles a massive elevation, which soon earned it the name of Kölnberg (Cologne mountain). It also gained a reputation as a deprived area very quickly. People don’t like to talk about Kölnberg, and if they do, it’s usually in lurid headlines. In 2013, 4,100 men, women and children from around 60 nations lived in Kölnberg, the percentage of foreigners was listed as 61.8 %. Statistics are an effective tool and whoever has power over statistical definitions very much shapes our image of reality.   With patience and a lot of time, Filmmakers Robin Humboldt and Laurentia Genske worked their way behind the social stereotypes, headlines and statistics. Their film portrays four people to whom Kölnberg has become a home a long time ago or just recently. They avoid the equally well-meaning and condescending perspective of social services and try to realise a respectful, participatory encounter with the protagonists, who are both extraordinary and extraordinarily diverse in their respective “normalities”.

- Ralph Eue, Dok Leipzig 2014


Germany 2014 / 88 Min / HD

Direction and Script: Laurentia Genske, Robin Humboldt
Cinematography: Laurentia Genske, Robin Humboldt, Johannes Waltermann
Editing: Carina Mergens
Sounddesign, Soundmix: Robert Keilbar
Colour Correction: Fabiana Cardala
Production Company: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln
Theatrical Distribution: Real Fiction Filmverleih

Official Website: www.amkoelnberg.de
Theatrical Release: 12.03.2015
DVD Release: 15.01.2016
TV Emission SWR: 06.09.2017 at 11:45 p.m.
TV Emission Phoenix: 13.01.2018 at 22:30 p.m. / 19.01.2018 at 03:00 p.m. / 13.02.2018 at 00:15 p.m.
TV Emission 3sat: 23.04.2018 at 22:25 p.m.




Dok Leipzig, 2014
Max Ophüls Preis Saarbrücken, 2015
Stranger than Fiction Köln, 2015
Nonfiktionale Bad Aibling, 2015
Wroc FF Miastomovie Polen, 2015
Sehsüchte Potsdam-Babelsberg, 2015
Neisse Filmfestival, 2015
Dokka Dokumentarfilmfestival Karlsruhe, 2015 
Bonner Dokumentarfilmwoche, 2015 
Krakow Film Festival, 2015
Turtle Filmfest Hólmavík, 2015
Dokumentarfilmwoche in Kreuzberg, 2015
Docfest Maastricht, 2015
Wilde Möhre Festival Brandenburg, 2015
FILMZ Festival des Deutschen Kinos Mainz, 2015
Kasseler Dokfest, 2015
blicke filmfestival des ruhrgebiets, 2015
Lola at Berlinale, 2016
Deutsche Filmwoche Mexiko, Goethe Institut, 2016
International Film Festival Cinematik Piestany, 2016
Oaxaca Filmfest Mexiko, 2016



Honorary Mention
Dok Leipzig 2014, German Competition

German Documentary Film Award 2015
Development Award of the House of Documentary Film

Prädikat „Besonders Wertvoll“
FBW – Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung 2015

Nonfiktionale Award of the City Bad-Aibling 2015
Nonfiktionale 2015

Nomination for the First Steps Award 2015
First Steps 2015

Bild-Kunst Schnittpreis Dokumentarfilm
Filmplus 2015

Preselection Deutscher Filmpreis
Lola 2016

dpa news talent
dpa Development Grant 2016

Meduc Award 2017