The short film "Cuando llegue la neblina" (When the Fog Comes) portrays the lives of people from the Mexican border city of Tijuana. Through a combination of photographs, animations, and audio recordings, the film delves into the daily realities of four individuals who have different connections to the Mexican-American border.

We meet Isna and Miche, two migrants who fled from Haiti, leaving their children and families behind in their home country. They undertook the exhausting journey through eleven countries to reach Mexico, hoping to get closer to their dream of the "American Dream." We encounter José Luís, a Mexican man who, after eight failed attempts to cross the border, now waits for the next fog to try again. We also meet Gustavo, a lifeguard who rescues migrants from the waters as they attempt to swim around the border at the sea.

Mexico / 2023 / 23 Min. / 2K / 5.1. Surround

Author, Director, Photographer, Editor: Laurentia Genske

Animation Direction: Camilo Colmenares 

Illustration: Angélica Padilla

Animation and Compositing: Saeyun Jung

Animation Assistance: Jiwoo Kim

Dramaturgical Consultation: Carina Mergens

Sound Design, Sound Mixing: Robert Keilbar

Music: Matthias Albert Sänger

Color Correction: Laurentia Genske

Production Assistance Tijuana: Samahil Borbón Ojeda

Sound Recording, Samahil Borbón Ojeda, Laurentia Genske

Production: Vamos Animation in co-production with Laurentia Genske

Funding: Goethe Institute Mexico, Relaciones Inesperadas, FFA German Federal Film Board, Akademie der Künste,Neustart Kultur, Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Festivals / Awards

2024 – 26th. Mecal Pro, Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival 

2024 – 17. Kino Latino Köln

2024 – WINNER fbw, Seal of Approval "highly recommended"

2024 – 47. Grenzland Filmtage Selb, Audience Award

2024 - 70th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, German Competition

2024 - 34. Onion City Experimental Film Festival, Chicago

2024 - 47. Grenzland Filmtage Selb

2024 - 30. Cinelatino Tübingen

2024 - 46. Clermont-Ferrand, Short Film Market Picks

2023 - Festival Fotografischer BilderRegensburg

2023 - 66. Dok Leipzig, Dok Film Market Exklusives



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